Teaching Activity

Calendar of Didactic Activities 

Academic year 2014-2015

Academic year 2015-2016

Academic year 2016-2017

Academic year 2017-2018  first period (Oct.-Dec. 2017)

Academic year 2017-2018 second period (Feb.-Jun. 2018) - updated on 20th March 2018

Academic year 2018-2019  first period (Oct.-Dec. 2018)

Academic year 2018-2019  second period (Feb.-Jul. 2019)

Academic year 2019-2020  first period (Oct.-Dec. 2019) Updated on 15th October 2019


Academic Year 2019-2020: General view (in Italian) Updated on 25th September 2019

Short list of ten classic books of historiography  Updated on 25th September 2019

Syllabus of courses 2019-2020 Updated on 27th September 2019

Teaching activity provides at least 120 hours for each student in the three-year period. Seminars are offered by internal and external teachers, from Italian and foreign universities. Teaching activity is organised as follows:


1st year: 90 hours

2nd year:30 hours

3rd year: Finalizing of PhD Dissertation


1st Year:

Basic Courses:

Academic English (only for students with certificate level B2)

GIS (Geographical Information System)

Linguistic Inter comprehension (French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish)

Bibliographical tools and electronic databases

Techniques of presentation of research: power point; abstract; poster.

Drafting of a scientific article

Methodological Courses:

Historical Sources




2nd Year:

Course of Public Speaking

specialized seminars, directed to groups of students with thematically or chronologically related topics

Seminars related to the students topics of research.


3rd Year:

Final drafting of the PhD dissertation


Research Activities

During the first year PhD candidates start their own research programme which will be developed in the second and third year. The Teaching Board assigns to each PhD student a supervisor for the research program. Every six months the accomplished research of each candidate will be checked.

During the second and third year PhD students must spend a period abroad at universities or research institutions.

The research results are presented in the PhD dissertation at the end of the third year. The dissertation is discussed by the Teaching Board and (if assessed positively) is admitted to the evaluation of two external experts. If a positive evaluation is provided, the dissertation is discussed in the final exam in front of a Commission of Italian and foreign professors, specialists in the topics covered by the thesis.

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